The company name Viisas Terapia (eng. “Wise Therapy”) was chosen for a reason. The fact is that the human nature is one of the most unique phenomenon that has ever existed. Its organisation is individual and complex, that’s why it’s so necessary to understand the cause-and-effect relationships and take a conscious approach to everything we do in our lives. Health and happiness can not be mass products. They are purely individual. Thus, it always requires to analyze, advise and treat wisely. Mindfulness, consciousness and wisdom are the basis for making right decisions and wise life choices.

The close interrelationship and interdependence between brain health, overall health, lifestyle habits and decisions that people make daily are at the heart of our methodological approach. One of the unique aspects of our work is that a multidisciplinary approach is applied to provide timely, effective assistance on health and well-being issues by taking into account the specificity of the human brain and body functioning, and the complexities of the human nature. This approach is based on scientific, theoretical knowledge, empirical findings and empirical evidence of

  • Neurobiology;
  • Cognitive neuroscience;
  • Cognitive science (Cognitive psychology, Philosophy, Socio-cultural anthropology and Neurophysiology);
  • Psychology (mainly Analytical psychology, Gestalt psychology, Humanistic psychology, Psychophysiology, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT));
  • Economic psychology;
  • Neuroeconomics / Neurobiology of decision-making;
  • Alternative medicine.

We consider, analyse, interpret every problem/disease, give advice and recommendations from the point of view of different disciplines in the scientific and social fields, that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of our work and the results achieved. We strive to create a unique approach by synthesizing the discoveries and benefits of science, reliable knowledge, results and achievements of recent scientific research, best practices and time-proved effective techniques.

The best thing about our job is the clients. We always encounter each client as a person who expects to be treated as an individual with goals and requirements to be taken seriously. In our work we support, encourage and inspire people who want to build happy, healthy, rich and fulfilling lives. It is always empowering to support people who are on the road to change their own lives by creating new, healthier, more constructive patterns of perception, response, reaction, thinking, and finally, behavior. We have been helping people improve their lives. Successful advice is all about understanding, gaining insights, educating and inspiring. Becoming aware of the human nature, health, well-being and healthy lifestyle makes it more achievable.

We discuss health, wellness, health behavior, different kinds of strategies to prevent diseases and destructive mental and behavioral patterns that can be employed to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. In that regard, it is worth noting that the proposed strategies are characterized to be with high practical applicability.

We provide multidisciplinary training courses and consultations which are based on the most interesting, useful, relevant, up-to-date information. The core is the interrelation between brain health (normal and abnormal brain functioning), emotional, mental, physical status of people and human well-being, human happiness, life satisfaction and the quality of interpersonal relationships.

Providing a better understanding of the complex chain of causality between health, emotional, mental and behavioral patterns, and combining wellbeing is a good basis for achieving better results in terms of physical, emotional and mental health improvement. The key feature is that a multidisciplinary approach makes the training process more interesting, information more comprehensive, results more effective and sustainable in the long run.

Be a managing director and investor of your own life. Worth trying!

Stay aware. Be responsible!