One could plainly see that there are three categories of people in modern times:

1. Those who don’t think seriously about own lives and own health;

2. Those who follow traditional, long-established postulates of a healthy lifestyle;

3. Those who fanatically follow current healthy lifestyle trends and everything connected to it without thinking about real consequences of such a “healthy lifestyle” addiction.

Сompany’s name Viisas Terapia (“Wise Therapy”) wasn’t chosen by chance. The fact is that the human nature is one of the most unique phenomenon that has ever existed. Its organization is individual and complex, that’s why it’s so necessary to take a sensible approach to everything we do in our lives. Health and happiness can not be mass products. They are purely individual. Thus, it’s always necessary to analyze, advise and treat wisely.

Taking into account the specifics of the human body functioning and the personality organization, we apply to an integrated approach to better understanding, analysis and work. In this regard, our work methodology is based on a multidisciplinary approach, which includes scientific theoretical knowledge and practical experience of Neuroscience, Psychology, Economics, and Alternative medicine.

Thus, we strive to create a unique approach to work by synthesizing results and achievements of the latest scientific research, as well as time-tested knowledge and effective techniques.


Every person faces different stress factors in everyday life.

There are some problems in the professional sphere: high competition at work, which requires huge mental, physical and energy efforts, forcing people to work at their limits; incompatibility between role responsibilities and personal skills and capabilities; disagreements in the workplace between colleagues; some tension in communication with co-workers and supervisorspoor working environment; some limitations for self-expression, self-realization and selfactualization at work, or even an unemployment status.

There are some problems in personal and social life: frequent conflicts and misunderstandings with close people (husband / wife, children, parents), their increasing needs and demands, some problems with socialization because of the circumstances.

Thus, the following issues are becoming urgent and more relevant to discuss:

  • health condition: psycho-emotional, mental and physical;
  • human needs and emotional intelligence of people;
  • neuroplasticity and the ability to control own life;
  • self-knowledge, self-expression and self-realization.

Without doubt the amount, frequency and intensity of various stress factors are increasing in the modern world. As a result, human resistance to stress is noticeably reduced. It leads to the homeostatic imbalance of the human body, and psycho-emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Because of these reasons, the body’s ability to selfheal is greatly being reduced.

All processes are becoming more complex, and the modern rhythm requires a very high level of stress-resistance in professional, personal and social spheres. Our body’s response to stress isn’t always predictable, its effects can be too negative, long-lasting, chronic. Thus, the use of one or more alternatives for health recovery (such as sport, meditation, yoga, proper nutrition, psychological treatments, or even medications), becomes insufficient, moreover, very expensive and effectless.

As a result, a person is at a kind of crossroads:

  1. The first way is to make every effort to cope with emerging problems.

  2. The second way is not to take advantage of the first road, and become a victim of mental disorders (such as stress, depression, uncontrollable irrational fears, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD), and/or physical diseases because of total exhaustion, and, as a result, start receiving any type of medical treatment.

  3. The third way is not to cope with a difficult situation and become addicted (overeating, leading to obesity, alcohol, drugs, etc.).

The first alternative is the fastest and most effective way to increase human resistance to stress.

The key components

1. Theoretical scientific knowledge about

  • functioning of the human body;
  • the central nervous system (CNS), the human brain in particular;
  • interdependence of mental health, physical health and health risk;
  • connection between perception, thinking, human well-being and human behaviour;
  • models of human behaviour and patterns of social interaction.

Awareness and understanding the basics of the human body functioning make it possible to improve health, effectively regulate overall health status, perception, thinking, behaviour and pattern of social interaction.

2. Practical techniques and methods aimed at

  • increasing human resistance to stress;
  • improvement of psycho-emotional, mental and physical health condition;
  • elimination of stress, depression, other psychosomatic and anxiety disorders, as well as minimization of consequences;
  • obtaining the most effective ways of self-expression and self-realization in personal, social and professional spheres.

Human awareness, availability of relevant knowledge, including practical techniques and methods, help to increase human resistance to stress by improving mental and physical health status, increasing the body’s ability to self-heal.

By understanding mechanisms of the human brain functioning, it becomes possible to regulate human perception, reactions and thinking, as well as predict and consciously form a model of human behaviour and ways of social interaction.

Thus, there is a real chance to improve overall health, gain positive perception, constructive thinking, increase life motivation, life satisfaction and happiness, as well as achieve purposeful behaviour and harmony in life.

Be aware. Stay responsible!