The close interrelationship and interdependence between brain health, overall health, lifestyle habits, health outcomes, quality of life and life satisfaction are at the heart of our methodological approach.

We encourage people to have happy, healthy and fulfilling lives through

  • their own conscious choices
  • constructive and responsible behavior
  • healthy lifestyles and healthy habits
  • by reversing unhealthy trends as well as destructive mental and behavioral patterns
  • by minimizing the use of medications
  • by preventing addictions

This refers to diverse and interconnected dimensions of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being, i.e. being in optimal energetic, emotional, mental and physical health, that extend beyond the traditional definition of health. It is about living a life full of personal responsibility and therefore taking proactive steps for one’s entire well-being. This includes choices and activities aimed at achieving physical vitality, mental alacrity, social satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and personal fulfillment.

∗1 A healthy diet is a quantitatively moderate and varied diet that corresponds to the personal physiological characteristics. It helps to maintain or improve overall health, contributes disease prevention; it ensures growth, normal development and vital activity of a person. A healthy diet provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, macronutrients, micronutrients, and adequate calories. It also includes an adequate nutritional state as well as awareness of the quality of food consumed.

∗2 Physical exercise is one of the most important thing people can do to keep their brains and bodies healthy over time. It not only boosts blood flow and other positive nutrients to the brain – it actually stimulates “neurogenesis”, the ability of the brain to generate new brain cells.

∗3 No matter what a person’s age, the human brain has the ability to form new connections and neurons — a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity. In a way, the brain is like a muscle – the more people use their brains, the stronger they get. New learning and brain games can support memory and focus, ability to shift mood, resilience to stress, and much more. People who regularly learn new things and challenge their mind can stave off many mental health problems.

∗4 Intellectual hobbies, games and activities are essential to human health and well-being. It encourage the development of creativity, imagination, self-reliance, self-sufficiency as well as physical, social, cognitive and emotional abilities and skills.

NB! What to do to achieve cumulative results and maximise synergy1To improve overall health and keep the brain healthy, a combination of a healthy lifestyle, physical and intellectual activity is required. Effective intellectual activity involves taking proactive steps to increase the mental capacity. It also involves the newness, some challenges as well as new achievable goals and objectives.

Synergistic effect / Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. There is the reinforcing effect of the interaction of two or more factors. The combined effect of the factors significantly exceeds the simple sum of the effects of each of these factors, that leads to an increase in efficiency due to connection, integration, merging of separate parts into a single system because of the systemic effect (emergence).


The importance of being mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually sound was lost on medicine for a long time. A pill was supposed to solve everything. Modern medicine is thankfully becoming a little bit less about treating diseases and a bit more about preventing diseases in the first place by making people aware, and thus, more responsible for their health, well-being, their decisions and life choices. The probability of many people engaging in unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and failing to follow healthy behavior guidelines is increased if people don’t have comprehensive and adequate health-related information. What’s more, people are chronically stressed, that is a common occurrence nowadays.

The general state of health and unhealthy lifestyle habits are modifiable through 1) overall understanding of human health, well-being, health behavior, and 2) psychological and behavioral changes. This is a crucial step in the complex and lengthy process towards building a healthy, happy, rich and fulfilling life.

Our mission is to create awareness with regard to health-related issues, well-being, healthy lifestyles, healthy behavior and conscious choices by revealing the connection between lifestyle habits, lifestyle behaviors (emotional, mental, physical, behavioral patterns), health outcomes, quality of life, life satisfaction and the quality of interpersonal relationships. We provide counseling and coaching to assist our clients with their pursuit of personal, mental, physical health, life satisfaction, and equip them with skills that allow them to be successful in achieving balance in their lives.

We fulfill our mission by

  • Providing awareness-raising multidisciplinary training courses and consultations on well-being and personal health1-related issues.
  • Providing a safe and comfortable environment where the clients can openly express their thoughts and feelings to experts who serve as the objective listeners.
  • Providing improved health and self well-being.
  • Providing positive self well-being in emotional and vocational pursuits. As an example, we offer workplace wellness advice and tips that give a variety of plans and tools to help employees improve and sustain overall health and well-being. The proposed techniques help to create a favorable workplace environment and a good working climate, improve professional relationships, build sustainable social bonds, create trusting relationships, be motivated and productive.
  • Providing assistance in the balance of wellness and well-being.

There are two important components of encouraging behavior changes towards a healthy, happy and fulfilling life: 1) creating awareness of the connection between lifestyle habits and health outcomes, and 2) increasing self-efficacy for behavior changes by setting achievable goals.

Thus, the mission is accomplished by 1) engaging people in activities aimed at increasing their awareness of the subject, and thus, 2) promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors and helping them attain personal goals that are consistent with recommended healthy lifestyle guidelines. Choosing to follow a healthier lifestyle as well as healthier mental and behavioral patterns can promote a life full of quality and longevity.

Successful advice is all about trust, understanding, gaining insights, educating and inspiring. It always encourages people to discuss the subject and set achievable behavioral goals to improve their health and their lives. In our work we want to support and inspire people who are on the road to change their lives by creating new, healthier, more constructive patterns of perception, response, reaction, thinking, and finally, behavior. Every time we see that our clients have changed their lifestyles, we feel elated.

We want to contribute to the creation of a healthy world. And the truth is, having knowledge, being aware of, and able to respond to, is the first significant step towards a healthy lifestyle, a healthy brain, a healthy and constructive behavior; it really helps to live life to their full potential. New multidisciplinary training courses help to accelerate the process. We strive to make people happier, healthier, more energetic, spirited, motivated, and much more successful!

We are all responsible for our choices, health, well-being and happiness.

Be happy and healthy. Worth trying. To dare is to do!


Shedding some light on the issue does help

One could plainly see that there are three categories of people in modern times:

  1. Those who don’t really think about their lives and don’t take better care of their health.

  2. Those who follow traditional, long-established stereotypes and doctrines of healthy lifestyles. They use the long-standing guiding principles.

  3. Those who are fanatically attached to the current healthy lifestyle trendsand have implemented everything with regard to it without thinking about the real consequences and effects of such a healthy lifestyle addiction.

Nowadays, there is the more active promotion of a healthy lifestyle. People trust all the information received, and follow the directions without verification of the accuracy of the information. But quite often, it could сause harm to their own health and get them into a lot of trouble either because of ignorance or illiteracy. It is common that people are not aware of the real root causes of their poor health, destructive behaviors, failures to be successful in their personal, social and professional lives.

The human nature is unique and very complex due to a great number of exogenous and endogenous determinants of human health, well-being, behavior, human happiness — from (neuro)biological, psychological, psychosocial to sociocultural, economic, and institutional. That’s why a multidisciplinary approach to the subject is so urgently required.

Application of practical guidelines and reliable theoretical knowledge of various complementary scientific disciplines, such as neuroscience, behavioral and cognitive sciences, psychology, economic psychology, alternative medicine, provides a holistic view of human beings, human nature, human well-being, health and happiness. This enables us to offer thorough and helpful answers to the wide range of questions, provide comprehensive information, solve most problems, effectively deal with the causes of health-related problems, eliminate many diseases and disorders, minimize adverse effects, reduce side effects, and provide timely and effective assistance.

Numerous studies and extensive research in the field of neuroscience and social sciences have proven that healthy brains, and healthy mental and behavioral patterns are the basis for positive changes in mental and physical health of people and their wellbeing. A key step in this direction is to promote awareness and better understanding of the subject and related topics among people. And for that very reason, the multidisciplinary trainings have been organized. Creating awareness and sensitivity is the mission of the company Viisas Terapia.

Personal health is the ability to take charge of a person’s health by making conscious decisions to be healthy and happy. It not only refers to the physical well-being of an individual but it also comprises the wellness of emotional, intellectual, social, economical, spiritual and other areas of life.