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Iana Sushko

Tel: +358 40 518 88 55

My name is Iana Sushko, and I am the founder of the company Viisas Terapia, a health promoter, certified specialist in alternative medicine, researcher and science-populariser. My job is to guide people to human health, well-being and balanced behavior. The main goal is to help create a more healthy and happy world by offering guidance and advice on

  • human health & well-being (brain health & overall health: mental, emotional and physical);
  • physical, intellectual and emotional wellness;
  • overall health & human nature and needs;
  • brain health & mental and behavioral patterns;
  • health compromising behaviors vs. healthful behaviors;
  • mental and behavioral framing1 for our health: values, beliefs, attitudes, benefits and constraints;
  • health, life habits & decision-making mechanisms: what stands at the core of decision-making & what drives decision-making;
  • psychological and biological mechanisms underlying social processes and social behavior;
  • social health & interpersonal relationships;
  • happiness & life satisfaction.

Educating people about the subject, advising and problem solving are my passion. In my work I want to support and encourage people who want to build happy, healthy, rich and fulfilling lives.

My educational background, work experience in the field ”Health Promotion: Human health & Well-being, Healthful behaviors for energetic, emotional, mental and physical health”, and years of research in the subject area allowed me to develop an innovative program and own author’s method.

Mindful of the fact that there are very many specific and nonspecific exogenous and endogenous determinants of human health, well-being, quality of life and happiness, human nature and human needs, human behavior and choices people make, the multidisciplinary approach is applied, i.e. scientific findings in Neuroscience and social sciences. This provides unique advantages and benefits to conduct comprehensive research and analysis, gain full knowledge and achieve better results.

Creating broad understanding of the subject among people is vital. Providing a better understanding of the complex chain of causality between brain health (normal and abnormal brain functioning), emotional, mental and behavioral reactions and patterns, and combining wellbeing is a good basis for achieving sustainable, effective and efficient results in terms of energetic, physical, emotional and mental health improvement.

Science is always of great importance in my life. Guided by an attempt to find exhaustive answers and get satisfactory logical explanations of various processes and phenomena, I strive to gain comprehensive knowledge about the world, human being, the meaning of human existence, the cause-and-effect relationships; I strive to discover human nature in all its complexity and multidimensionality, human needs in their specificity, hierarchy and multilevelness; I seek to understand the mechanisms underlying human perception, thinking, and behavior; I set myself the task to reveal the most significant determinants of human health, well-being, happiness and life satisfaction, as well as to identify the factors that determine individual and social behavior. Scientific knowledge is never final; I always choose to develop myself holistically. It helps me succeed in professional self-realisation and self-actualization.

I do believe that my educational background, research, work experience and positive attitude can be usefully applied for the immediate benefit of my clients. It feels great to be able to help create a more healthy and happy world.

1 Framing comprises a set of concepts and theoretical perspectives on how individuals, groups, and societies, organize, perceive, and communicate about reality. It can manifest in thought or interpersonal communication. Framing is a schema of interpretation, a collection of patterns and stereotypes, that individuals rely on to understand and respond to the world. In other words, people build a series of mental “filters” through biological and cultural influences. They then use these filters to make sense of the world. The choices they then make are influenced by their creation of a frame.